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Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss Gel

Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss Gel

Our Chondrus crispus aka sea moss or irish moss is gently grown in the unpolluted, nourishing waters of the beautiful, resourceful island of Jamaica. Our sea moss is sun-dried and contain no additives.


Irish Moss is one of nature's greatest gifts, over-packed with many of the minerals and vitamins.


Sea Moss Gel is great in hot/cold beverages, smoothies, food, or all by itself.


As it is also a great skin food, sea moss gel can be used as a face mask so don't be afraid the add this vitamin and mineral packed superfood to your skincare regimen!


All sea moss gel is handmade to order with natural spring water/alkaline water. 


Sea moss gel is perishable. Orders are only shipped out in insulated boxes with dry ice packs via USPS Priority Mail or UPS. 

  • Care Instructions

    **Sea Moss Gel must be stored in refrigerator IMMEDIATELY upon delivery.


  • Directions

    1-2 Tablespoons orally is the daily recommendation 

    If kept frozen, thaw on counter or refrigerator, mix and enjoy!

  • Shelf Life

    Refrigerator 4 weeks 

    Freezer 6 months 

PriceFrom $12.00
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